Please see  "Alerts" tab for staging area and trail closures due to sanctioned events or for other reasons. Also posted under Alerts will be important information we feel you should be made aware of.  We will only be posting closures and information that we have been made aware of. The closures and important information will also be posted under the staging area's tab if applicable at the top of the page. Also check out the "Events" tab under "Whats New" to see what is happening the area - rides, clinics, tack sales etc. 

Sorry for the delay in new pictures and information. I have spent 2013  - mainly the 2nd half caring for my ill husband. On top of that my horse became laid up in mid June so that has also curtailed my riding. Hopefully I will be hitting the trails more in 2014 and be able to catch up on pictures in early 2014. Please continue to check back for new additions. Thank you for your patience. 

Interested in having more energy (natural energy), feeling younger and even looking younger? Contact Heidi @ [email protected]

Here is what has been added or updated:

7/7/13 - Running I Ranch page added with pictures

6/12/13 - additional Winchester pictures added (under "pictures")

6/4/13 - information on the new section of Hidden Falls that recently opened ( under "Auburn Area")

6/2/13 - additional Winchester pictures added ( under "pictures")

5/31/13 - additional Winchester pictures added (under "pictures")

5/30/13 - Winchester pictures (under "pictures")

5/29/13 - remaining Hidden Falls pictures of original trails  added ( under "pictures")

5/28/13 - additional Hidden Falls pictures added (under "pictures")

5/27/13 - more Hidden Falls pictures added (under "pictures")

5/26/13 - Remaining Lake Oroville pictures added (under "pictures")

4/3/13 - Lake Oroville lower trail pictures added (under "pictures") - more to come

4/1/13 - Lake Oroville - lower trails staging area added ( under "other areas")

3/19/13 - Hidden Falls pictures added (more to come) (under "trail pictures")

3/18/13 - 4 new pictures of Lake Camanche (under "trail pictures")

3/2/13 - couple new pictures of Cronan including new restroom installed and 2 new pics of Auburn staging area (under "trail pictures")

2/25/13 - Sugar Pine Trail staging area (Winchester) - (under "Auburn area")

2/23/13 - Negro Bar staging area ( under "Auburn area")

1/26/13 - 34 new pictures of Castle Peak added (under "trail pictures")

1/21/13 - Additional new pictures of Cronan added - newer section going towards Salmon Falls Rd (Under "trail pictures")

1/14/13 - 2 wild life pictures added on Olmstead (under "trail pictures")

1/7/13 - new Cronan pictures added of newer section (under "trail pictures")

1/6/13 - new Granite Bay pictures added (under "trail pictures")

8/30/12 - Castle Peak pictures (under "trail pictures") - about 1/2 of the pictures

8/17/12 - Horse rental info (under "links")

7/26/12 - additional pictures of Olmstead and Falcon Crest ( under "trail pictures")

7/24/12 - Castle Peak staging area ( under "other areas")

2/20/12 - more pictures of the Confluence staging area and trails ( under "trail pictures")

2/12/12 - pictures of Falcon Crest (under "trail pictures")

10/1/11 - pictures of Lone Grave (under "trail pictures")

9/17/11 - pictures of Olmstead "new" parking area (under "trail pictures")

9/11/11 - pictures of American River Parkway (under "trail pictures")

8/26/11 - Falcon Crest staging area (under "Cool area")

7/22/11 - Lone Grave staging area (under "Auburn area")

7/15/11 - American River Parkway - staging near the Nimbus Fish Hatchery (under "Auburn area") 

5/15/11 - More Camanche pictures added - taken late spring 2011

5/10/11 - Spenceville pictures (under "trail pictures")

3/19/11 - Spenceville staging area (under "other areas)

10/31/10 - Sterling Point pictures added (under "Trail Pictures")

10/24/10 - additional pictures of Cronan Ranch (under "trail pictures")

10/24/10 - Sterling Point staging area (under "Auburn area")

9/12/10 - Horse trailer item list (under "information" tab)

8/13/10 - Lake Camanche pictures (under "Trail Pictures")

5/25/10 - under "information"  - ACE, ParkWatch, Road Assistance and
5/25/10 - additional links under "Real Estate" and "Services and Products"

5/25/10 - Lake Camanche - China Gulch (under "other areas")

4/3/10 - "Trail map" tab
2/25/10 - 1 club added under Club link

2/14/10 - 3 more clubs added under Club link

2/6/10 -  Club Link added - 1 club added, more to come 

1/30/10 - new link under Real Estate

1/23/10 - Foresthill Divide Loop pictures ( under "Trail Pictures")

1/23/10 - Granite Bay pictures (under "Trail Pictures")

1/17/10 - Foresthill Divide Loop (under "Auburn Area")

1/14/10 - Granite Bay Staging area (under "Auburn Area")

12/13/09 - new link under Real Estate

8/16/09 - safety suggestions under "information" tab

8/11/09 - horse camping list under new tab "Information"

7/26/09 - additional Olmstead and Dru Barner pictures (under 'Trail Pictures")

7/25/09 - additional link under "service/products"

7/25/09 - "Events" tab added under "What's New"

7/25/09 - Empire Mine pictures (under "Trail Pictures")

7/14/09 - Empire Mine staging area (under "Auburn")

6/25/09 - additional pictures of Dru Barner (under "Trail Pictures")

6/7/09 - Dru Barner pictures (under "Trail Pictures") 

6/5/09 -  Dru Barner staging area (under "Cool")

5/20/09 - additional links under " service/product"

5/1/09 -  additional pictures of Cronan Ranch (under "Trail Pictures")

4/21/09 - additional links under "Real Estate" and "Service/Product"

4/10/09 - additional link under "service/product"

4-10-09 - Auburn Staging pictures (under "Trail Pictures")

4/9/09 -  Auburn Staging Area (under "Auburn Area")

4/9/09 -  New link added under Real Estate and a new link - "Service/Product" with 3 links added

3/15/09 - Confluence staging area (under "Cool Area") and pictures (under "Trail Pictures")

3/15/09 - Links tab with 4 new links (3 under Real Estate, 1 under Accommodations)

3/14/09 - additional Olmstead pictures ( under "Trail Pictures")

2/28/09 - Silver Lake information (under "Other Areas")


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