All alerts will be posted on the corresponding staging area page if applicable.

Do not leave anything of value in your tow vehicle or trailer, including vehicle and trailer registration. Since 2005 there have been many reports of vehicle break-ins at some of the staging areas.  

 Report any incidences to Park Watch at

Use caution when riding off the trail or even stepping off the trail at Olmstead ( and other places as well). At Olmstead there are some areas where old wire is buried under brush and grass and horses have been seriously injured.  So please be careful when getting off the trail to ride side by side or to let others pass - wire can be very hard to see if you can see it at all.  


Jan 2015 - Break-ins once again occurred please do not leave anything of value in your truck OR trailer- Most break-ins were at Olmstead, Hidden Falls, Cronan and the Confluence. 

Nov 4, 2012 - reports of more break ins at Cronan. Ranger was out there Nov 3, 2012 warning people NOT to leave ANYTHING of value in your car, truck or trailer. It is not safe!

ALERT - as of June 2012 there have been reports of windows being shot out with bee-bee guns at the Sterling Point staging area.

ALERT - Truck and horse trailer stolen from Cronan's Padro Hill parking lot May 18,2012
mid morning. The  truck and trailer were eventually found but saddles were taken and as yet have not been recovered.

ALERT - There was a break in at the Auburn Overlook staging area the week of April 1,2012. A horse trailer was broken into. Do not leave valuables in your horse trailer or your vehicle.

ALERT - Jan 2012 there was a  break-in at Padro Hill. Please do not leave anything of value in your truck or horse trailer.
Law Enforcement has been seen recently at both staging areas of Cronan, they are aware of the recent break-ins.

ALERT - another break in - this time at Olmstead in Cool Feb 17,2012. Please do not leave anything valuable in your truck or horse trailer.
Alert - Folsom Lake area - As of Feb 12,2012 there has been a report of 3 dogs off leash - red healer types and their owner, a woman and her male companion who have threatened horses and riders and verbally told their dogs to attack. Please contact Park Dispatch at (916) 358-1300 if you see them and they are a threat to you and/or the dogs are off leash.

ALERT - as of Nov 17,2011 2 more recent break-ins have occurred at Magnolia staging area. Also a single man has been seen at Magnolia asking a lot of questions of lone riders. Please use caution! All incidents have been reported. 

Negro Bar - Dec 2010 recent break-ins of vehicles - windows are being smashed

March 2009   - Folsom Lake Trails - a loose dog chased a horse and rider causing injury to both. Please be aware of loose dogs.

Jan 2009 - Folsom Lake Trails - motorized dirt bikes have been seen on the trails and have spooked some horses. They are not allowed on those trails.

Fall 2008 - recent vehicle break-ins at Cronin staging areas



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