I have had so many requests to see pictures of the Running I Ranch in Dunnigan that I decided to add this tab and show pictures of the ranch and what it has. These pictures have been taken over the last few years and now that I have a dedicated page for the ranch I will take more pictures this summer when I go there and post them.   
Pictures coming soon!

Running I Ranch 
 1700 Alexander Hill Lane  Dunnigan, CA 95937
Directions ( also on the Running I web site) - Off Hwy 5 about 20 minutes north of Woodland. From the south exit Rd 6, the 2nd Dunnigan exit. Proceed to the right to the frontage rd, Rd 99 and turn left . Proceed north approx 2.25 miles to Country Rd 2 and turn left ( you will see the freeway overpass which you will be using). Proceed approx 1.6 miles west over the canal and through a drainage overflow to Alexander Hill Lane and turn right. Private gravel road, continue a short distance until you see the tree line on your left and the big ranch gate which opens into the extremely large parking area. 

This facility is routinely used for Region 3 Gymkhana Shows, Trail Trial Events, Clinics, Mounted Shooting Demonstrations, and other events that require arenas. They also have a fantastic trail course which is constantly being added to that will definitely test your horse - a truly great experience. They hold Trail Trial practices approx once a month weather permitting. Please check out their web site
www.runningiranch.com for flyer's and entries to upcoming events.
contact info - 530 724-4120

Open Trail Obstacle Practice - Cost: $20.00 per horse and rider combination ( dates are posted under the events tab)

Pictures are of the trail obstacles which are constantly being added too and updated.

Straw bale maze to go through. Pin wheels at the entrance at times. Beth and Chester.

Walk through the noodles tied into the straw bales. Beth and Chester

Large tire you can have your horse step on. Higher than it looks in picture. Looks like a long ways down when all 4 of your horses feet are on the tire.
Noodles walk through and straw bale maze are the in back ground. 
Beth and Chester, Denise and Harley waiting for their turn.

Water obstacle, about knee deep on Chester with Beth and Chester is 16.3 hands. Can go around any obstacle in this line via the road to the right of this water.

This guy gets moved around. Notice the fish on his antler, skin draped over him. 

Pup tent and bear plus other misc set up near the pond.

Bear near the pond. Pond in background to the right near the 3 trees is where you can enter the water.

Always something to walk your horse through. Chester peeking his head through.

Newer obstacle - great step through. Harder than it looks. 

Waterfall - another more recent addition.



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