Horse list for camping


Here is a list that I use for horse camping – this is just things for the horse and rider not everything one will need to camp. You can take what you need/want off of the list and add in other things you might need/want. Also please note that this does not take into consideration all of the items that I “store” in my horse trailer (see horse trailer list).



Water (I always carry some water in my horse trailer)


Any medicine your horse might be taking

Banamine (just in case)

Salt (I add a little to their “grain” so they will drink enough water)

Bran (just in case so a bran mash can be made)

Salt Block (if you use one)



Hay net

Water bucket (muck bucket too- if setting up a corral I like to water them with a larger bucket, more likely to stay upright)

Grain tub


Brushes/mane & tail brush

Hoof pick

Fly/tick spray

Detangler spray


Sweat scraper

Medicine (for any cuts and scrapes)

Liniment (for any sore muscles)

Peroxide (another just in case)


Blanket/cooler (many camping spots cool way down at night)

Fly mask/fly leg wraps (if used)

Rope/tie and/or corral (“stakes” - posts, electric tape, charger, railings or ground tie)

Muck cart and bucket

Manure fork


Halter/lead rope


Saddle Pad    

Combo boots, splint boots, bell boots etc



Breast collar/crouper                                           



Helmet (if used – always a good idea on trails)                                                                     

Spurs   (if used)                                                                                  


Riding pants/tights                                                                           

Water bottles and holders (bring many – you never know how long you might be out)

Chocks – for the trailer if you unhitch your tow vehicle


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