Do not leave anything of value in your truck OR trailer - there have been many  break-ins in the last several years

Listed are some suggested items to use/bring with you on any trail ride a safer and more enjoyable ride.

·         Always carry water with you – at least one bottle. Make sure you have a water bottle on you in case you become separated from the horse (it can happen).

·         Carry a cell phone if you have one – carry it on you if possible, again in case you get separated from your horse (the phone won’t do the horse any good)

·         Food – I always carry some form of food – granola bar, dried fruit etc (remember chocolate will melt on a warm day and peanut butter can get very soft)

·         Hoof pick  - they make folding ones

All of the above can easily fit into a fanny pack that has a water bottle holder. For additional water bottles you can buy a variety of holders that attach onto your saddle – they come in all colors too.

·         Easy boot – just in case you lose a shoe – for horses that wear pads I also carry a baby diaper and vet wrap – diaper serves as the pad and the vet wrap keeps it on – all fits in the easy boot for storage. Keep in mind that you might need a size larger easy boot to accommodate the diaper and vet wrap.

An easy boot can fit into any cantle bag (some are made with a pocket for an easy boot), pommel bag, saddle bag or you can buy a bag specifically designed to hold an easy boot and attach onto your saddle. 

·         Vet wrap – can be used for a variety of things and doesn’t take up much room

·         1st aid kit – they make some very small ones

·         Pocket knife – again a small one works and they can come in very handy

·         Whistle

           Bee sting kit

           Folding saw - they come in very handy

           small clippers for small branches

            zip ties

Again all the above can fit into a cantle bag, pommel bag or another type of bag designed to attach onto the saddle. 

·         Chap stick – personal preference but I know many people who won’t ride without it and it does come on a rope to put around your neck if you prefer

·         Saddle fit – many times overlooked but a correct fitting saddle can make ALL the difference. No more sore backs or saddle sores and can make for a much more comfortable horse who in turn will give you a much better trail ride.

·         Saddle pad – goes along with the proper saddle fit BUT I also want to remind riders that do little trail riding that a pad that works well for your horse in an arena may not be the right pad for a trail ride especially one that lasts longer than an hour. The thinner pads typically don’t give enough support and cushion for a longer ride – hence a sore backed horse when you return from the ride.

·         Bear bell – some people like riding with these but please be aware that it can upset some horses including the one you are riding or others that you are riding with. 

Don't forget to check your girth before getting on your horse

Poison Oak
-  Poison oak is around year round and you can get the oils on your skin year round - even when it looks dead in the winter. Best to avoid contact if at all possible. Note: the oils can also get on your horse and dogs so be careful when grooming and touching them if they have been exposed.  




 What poison oak looks like in the early spring



  What poison oak looks like in the late spring into summer, then becomes very red in color.

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